Site clearance

Site clearance is a fundamental part of any construction or development project as unnecessary waste material is cleared and removed off site before building can commence. Whilst most construction companies have access to the machinery and expertise required to remove man made materials from demolition projects and safely dispose of according to their legal procedures, the question on how to remove natural materials can be seen as more of a challenge.

We work alongside construction companies to safely clear development sites of any unwanted vegetation. From softwood plantations, to mixed woodland, we can provide a full contracting service from mechanised harvesting to motor manual felling. We always endeavour to reduce costs through marketing any viable timber and biomass material on the client’s behalf. Any material that must be taken off site is correctly disposed of and we have a waste carrier license. Our specialised machinery operated by experienced, certificated professionals allows us to efficiently clear all manner of vegetation and includes:

  • Excavator with tree shear
  • Excavator + attachments (raking fork, digger buckets and root tooth)
  • Timber forwarders including an agri based forestry guarded forwarder for more sensitive sites
  • Forestry guarded tractor with range of attachments including mulcher, flail, mower, timber crane and splitter
  • Whole tree chipper for fast, efficient reduction of waste material into potentially marketable chip fuelwood
  • Stump grinder
  • Winch tractors
  • High speed tractor and chipwood trailers
Site clearance

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