Vosch Grapple Saw - the Safe Way to Dismantle Ash Trees18/02/2020


We have recently had the Vosch Grapple Saw supplied and fitted by Richard Court Forestry Engineering Ltd.  This is a fixed rotating grapple with independent use of the saw.  The excavator has had the hydraulics converted so the saw has its own independent hydraulics.  This is a great attachment for us, allowing us to accurately hold and dismantle trees safely.  With the design of the grapple it is easy to handle timber, load lorries or feed a chipper. 

Perfect for Ash dieback, it reduces the risk to the handcutters and allows greater control over the tree.  As the disease spreads and the trees become more fragile, safety for all parties becomes essential especially when dealing with roadside trees, trees near buildings, power lines or public access routes.  The excavator has removable rubber track pads meaning it can work both in the woods and on roads. 

Once again, versatility and adaptability is proving essential when faced with diseased trees and as this disease spreads, affecting 90% of the UK’s Ash trees, we need to ensure everything is done to promote safety.

Click here to see the machine in action.

How we combat Ash Dieback


Vosch Grapple Saw - the Safe Way to Dismantle Ash Trees

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